Danger Dash


Don´t stop running and avoid the tigers



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Danger Dash is an 'endless runner' in which players must control an adventurer desperately trying to avoid attack by a pack of angry tigers that will tear him apart in seconds.

Along the way, as usual, you will have to collect all the coins, artefacts and treasure. To do this, you must move from side to side on the screen, jumping over obstacles and even gliding across the floor to avoid some of the traps.

As you play and collect money, you can unlock new characters and abilities. With these new skills you can find more gems during your travels, or even be saved in situations when everything seems lost.

Danger Dash is a fun platform game with a really distinctive look, and offers simple and straightforward gameplay, ideal for having a few quick games. In addition, you can connect your device to Facebook and share and compare your results with your friends.
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